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Final Project Report

The Final Project Report is a group assignment that you will complete using Google Docs. It will be a collective document that everyone in the group will write (one member of your group should create the document and then share it with the other members of the group, granting editing privileges).

Your report should be at least 1,500 words (5-6 pages) and address the following three questions:

  1. What are the main ideas behind your exhibit?
    • Prepare a summary based on the primary sources you used in the Archives.
    • Include secondary sources to help contextualize your primary sources. These can include books and web sites. Refer to the assignment you completed on finding sources in the library.
  2. Reflect on the process of preparing and presenting your exhibit.
    • How did you find materials in the Archives?
    • How did you use Omeka to build the exhibit?
      • Describe how you learned to use Omeka.
      • Describe any challenges you faced using Omeka and explain how you resolved them.
    • What other digital tools did you use? How did you incorporate them into your exhibit?
    • Describe how you presented your exhibit during the FYS Symposium (refer to the debrief we had in class).
  3. Imagine that you could build a version 2.0 of digitized materials for an interactive online presentation. How would you do it?
    • Consider all the experiments we did with technology this semester (look at the course website for a summary).
    • Which technologies could you use to enhance the access to and understanding of the resources in the Archives?
    • Describe as best you can what the new version would enable users to do. Use what you learned about digital technologies this semester to imagine a creative but realistic possibility.

The report is due Monday, December 5 at 9:00 AM (please send me the link to you Google Doc and grant me editing privileges). To receive full credit for the assignment, you must come to class at this time for coffee and donuts.