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Course Schedule

HUMA-150-Cd: Digital Hilltops (FYS) meets Fall 2016 (30 August — 1 December), TuTh 12:20-1:40 in Clark 342

30 August
Introduction to class and to WordPress (on your web hosting account).

1 September
Blog 1: What do you want to know about college in general and Hartwick in particular?

6 September
Blog 2: Investigate a topic using various tools in Voyant.

8 September
Visit the Hartwick College Archives.

13 September
Blog 3: What is a text?

15 September
Blog 4: Experimenting with OHCO and tagging
Visit the Yager Museum.

20 September
Blog 5: “Screwing around” in the archives and museum.

22 September
Introduction to Git.

27 September
Introduction to text encoding.

29 September
Working with the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) guidelines.

4 October
Working with the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) guidelines.

6 October

Working with the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) guidelines.

11 October

Build a toy exhibit using Omega.

13 October
Blog 6: review an Omeka site.

Fall Break!

20 October
Visit the Archives again (with the new Archivist!)

25 October
Blog 6: Brainstorm on ideas for Final Project

27 October
Optimal Stopping (how to use an algorithm to search for things)

1 November
Experiments with topic modeling

3 November
Build something in Omeka!

8 November
Proposal for Final Project

10 November
Introduction to GIS and mapping.

15 November
Blog 11: mapping assignment

17 November
In-class workshop on Final Projects

22 November
First draft of Final Project essay

29 November
Dry-run FYS Symposium presentations

1 December
Peer review of Final Project essays
Debrief of Symposium presentations

5 December (8:00 AM) Final draft of Final Project essay due