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Grading Rubrics

Participation (25% of final grade)

Participation will be graded periodically (at least every two weeks).

To get an A, all of these qualities must be true of you (based on a rubric by Annie Stafford):

  • Consistently contributes to discussion.
  • Consistently prepared.
  • Consistently makes college-level comments and raises the level of discussion.
  • Consistently attentive and engaged.
  • Never distracting or problematic.
  • A classroom leader: helpful and respectful to peers, the first to jump in.

To get a B, only one of these has to be true of you.

  • Does not consistently contribute to discussion, but participates at least once a week.
  • Sometimes unprepared.
  • Does not consistently make college-level comments .
  • Sometimes inattentive or distracting
  • Not a classroom leader: not helpful or respectful to others, not the first to jump in.

To get a C, only one of these has to be true of you.

  • Does not consistently contribute to discussion, but participates at least once every two weeks.
  • Often unprepared.
  • Often lowers the level of discussion.
  • Often inattentive or distracting.

To fail, all of these have to be true of you.

  • Rarely contributes to discussion. Participates less often than once a month.
  • Rarely prepared.
  • Rarely attentive or engaged.
  • Usually distracting.

Blogs (45% of final grade)

There will be a blog assignment for most classes, based on an assigned reading or task. Please see Assignments for details on each blog entry you will write.

Each blog entry will be evaluated on a scale of 0-4 (based on Mark Sample’s rubric). You will write a blog post for every class.

All blog posts are due by 9:00 PM the day before class. If it a post is submitted late but before the beginning of class it will lose one point.

You must also post comments on at least two blog posts by other students. You will be able to do this at 9:00 PM the day before class (if not sooner). If you do not post two comments before the beginning of class, you will lose a point for the blogging assignment.

  • 4 Exceptional. The blog post is focused and coherently integrates examples with explanations or analysis. The post demonstrates awareness of its own limitations or implications, and it considers multiple perspectives when appropriate. The entry reflects in-depth engagement with the topic.
  • 3 Satisfactory. The blog post is reasonably focused, and explanations or analysis are mostly based on examples or other evidence. Fewer connections are made between ideas, and though new insights are offered, they are not fully developed. The post reflects moderate engagement with the topic.
  • 2 Underdeveloped. The blog post is mostly description or summary, without consideration of alternative perspectives, and few connections are made between ideas. The post reflects passing engagement with the topic.
  • 1 Limited. The blog post is unfocused, or simply rehashes previous comments, and displays no evidence of student engagement with the topic.
  • 0 No Credit. The blog post is missing or consists of one or two disconnected sentences.

Final Project (15% of final grade)

Your Final Project will evaluated according to this rubric.

Final Essay (10% of final grade)

You and your classmates will write a collaborative final essay based on your Final Project (use Google Docs). The essay will be evaluated according to the Hartwick College Checklist.

Teamwork (5% of final grade)

You will be evaluated by your project partners according to the AAC&U Teamwork Value rubric.