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Learning Outcomes

This course is an introduction to digital methods of text encoding and data analysis for the humanities. Students will work in teams with materials in the Hartwick College archives to build online exhibits documenting the history of student life on and off campus. No prior experience with programming is required.

Through this course you will do the following:

  1. Express your ideas according to the standards of college-level writing.
  2. Engage in college-level modes of discourse.
  3. Improve your skills in evaluation, interpretation and analysis of texts and other forms of expression.
  4. Develop skills in information literacy, research techniques, and collaboration with others.

You will achieve these goals through the following activities:

  1. regular contributions to online discussion forums;
  2. participation in discussion during class and presentations of research projects at the end of the semester;
  3. experimentation with and application of computational tools for the analysis of documents and other digitized materials.