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Blog 8: Brainstorm on final project ideas

On Thursday, October 20, we visited the College Archives and worked with materials that we can use in our final projects for the First Year Seminar Symposium. What did you discover there? Use the following questions that Mrs. Wallace gave you to prepare a report with the other students in your group.

  1. Identify the time period of your topic – approximate beginning and ending dates.
  2. List three or four key issues of your topic within that time frame.
  3. Which specific sources could be digitized to create a web presentation that would document those key issues?

Here are some additional questions to consider:

  • Were there specific events that prompted a response?
  • Was the campus community unanimous in their views, or was there dissension?
  • Were there changes in campus attitudes?

If you took photos of anything, you can build a preliminary exhibit on your installation of Omeka and link to it from your blog site. How could these items be part of a bigger exhibit that you would build with other students in the class? What other objects in the Archives would you want to find? What would be the argument behind your exhibit (think about the Omeka websites you reviewed last week)?

Please prepare your report as group, using Google Docs to edit together (please grant me,, editing privileges so that I can see what each of you contributes to the report). You should add a post to your website with a link to your group's report and a brief summary of what you contributed to it.

Here are the groups that formed in class on October 20:

  • Changing roles of women/feminism: Marriam Iqbal, Nikki Germain, Suzanne Phillips
  • Black/white racial issues: Jared Hoff, Nick Couvaris, David Lee
  • Vietnam moratorium / strike / peace movement: Ben Johnson, Nick Checchia, Gina Grauer
  • Campus responses to war: Chris Gamber, Joe Avellino, Joe Saracino
  • The termination of football at Hartwick: Walter Casey, Liam Martin, Shane Black