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Blog 4

Experimenting with OHCO and tagging

In class on September 13 we discussed the article by De Rose et al. on OHCO and the need for document encoding for effective access and analysis of digital texts. We also experimented with encoding a sample page from Hilltops, using this image and a text file produced by OCR technology. Using the text file, create an encoded version of the Hilltops page using whatever scheme you and a partner think is logical. You should follow the example on page 5 of the De Rose article but you do not have to use the same tags. Once you have completed your encoding exercise, copy and paste it into a post on your blog. You should formate the encoded text with the Preformatted setting so that it looks something like this:

<example>Here's one way to use encoding.</example>

You should also write a paragraph explaining your tagging scheme: what do the tags mean and how are they related to each other?

You must post a complete blog entry by 9:00 PM September 14. Please see the Grading Rubrics for an explanation of how I will evaluate this and all your blog posts. You must also post comments on two of your classmates' posts before coming to class. You should be able to do this after 9:00 PM September 12 (if not sooner). You will be able to find your classmates' blogs in the Blogroll on this website.

I will record grades here.