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Blog 3

What is text?

Read What Is Text, Really? This is old and somewhat outdated but it explains well why plain text (what we are using in Voyant) is of limited usefulness when using computers to read and analyze documents. It provides a good introduction to what we will do with the digitized Hilltops in the coming weeks. The reading is not easy and you may very well struggle making sense of it. Do not give up! It is important in college to learn how to identify what you do not understand so that you can get help finding answers.

For this blog entry, write at least 250 words where you do one of the following:

  • Summarize in your own words what OHCO means and why it is useful for designing online systems for searching and analyzing texts.
  • Identify terms or concepts mentioned in the article that you do not understand. Explain what you think they might mean and why you are not sure. Do not simply say you do not understand: try to pinpoint where you get lost.

You must post a complete blog entry by 9:00 PM September 12 (this gives me and the rest of the class time to read it). Please see the Grading Rubrics for an explanation of how I will evaluate this and all your blog posts. You must also post comments on two of your classmates' posts before coming to class. You should be able to do this after 9:00 PM September 12 (if not sooner). You will be able to find your classmates' blogs in the Blogroll on this website.

I will record grades here.