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Blog 2.1

Investigate a topic using various tools in Voyant (again!)

Using the handout from class, select a topic and with a partner use Voyant to investigate it and prepare visualizations that help explain the topic.

For this blog entry, write at least 250 words where you explore a topic with Voyant. You do not have to use a Creative Commons-licensed image: instead, insert an image of a visualization you find interesting.

You must post a complete blog entry by 9:00 PM September 21 (this gives me and the rest of the class time to read it). Please see the Grading Rubrics for an explanation of how I will evaluate this and all your blog posts. You must also post comments on two of your classmates' posts before coming to class. You should be able to do this after 9:00 PM September 5 (if not sooner). You will be able to find your classmates' blogs in the Blogroll on this website.

I will record grades here.

Here is a nifty visualization.