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Here are the exhibits students will present at the FYS Symposium on November 30 (4:00-5:30 PM in the Stevens-German Library):

Now that you have created items in Omeka for documents you found in the College Archives, it is time to begin assembling exhibits that feature these items and tell a story about the history of Hartwick. You can find documentation on how to build an Omeka exhibit here. Your group should create an exhibit this week and begin creating pages to see how you want to tell your story. Remember that you must finish a complete exhibit by November 20.

Based on our trips to the archives and your preferences for research, here are the final projects for the First Year Seminar Symposium:

  • Changing Roles of Women/Feminism (Marriam Iqbal, Nikki Germain, Gina Grauer, Suzanne Phillips)
  • Black and White Racial Issues (David Lee, Jared Hoff, Nick Couvaris)
  • Campus during War Time (Joe Avellino, Joe Saracino, Chris Gamber)
  • Football at Hartwick — termination (1948-1950) (Walter Casey, Liam Martin, Shane Black, Arlind Malziu, Nick Checcia)

For class on Tuesday, September 13 you will need the following files:

  • a scanned image of a page from Hilltops
  • an OCR (optical character recognition) text file based on the scanned image

We will use these files in class for exercises in thinking about how to create digital versions of documents for effective searching and online display.

This is the first post to the website for Digital Hilltops, a First Year Seminar where students will learn about using digital technology to analyze data from the Hartwick College Archives. Like this:

(You can play with the knobs underneath the word cloud: give it a try!)

You will be able to create visualizations like this on your own website (with your own domain name) and develop skills in effective online communication. These skills will help you succeed in your studies at Hartwick and prepare you for a career where digital literacy will be required.